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Free 30 Minute Consultation Online or at Your Location

1. Your space your style

    We will start with a decluttering process where you make all choices on what stays or goes. I want to      hear your ideas and help create a mood for you. You may want everything labeled and in boxes, to            display collections, to have everything put out of sight. I will design and implement an organizing              system that works with your natural organizing style.

2. Let me see the real space

    No matter how tempted you are to pre-clean or shove some things into other spaces. STOP!

    I want to see your spaces as they are now so I can figure out what currently is/isn't working. 

3. Fill out the form below so we can begin changing your space

    - Serving North ID and Eastern WA. Customers outside this range may incur a travel charge

    - All services are available virtually. Contact for more details

    - Hourly rate charged is $40 per hour with a 2 hour minimum booking

    Special combination packages available based on client needs

        $300    |    8 hour pre-paid package - decluttering & organizing or staging (can be split in 2-3 sessions)

      $1000    |    6 months of weekly online coaching service and support meetings

                                                                    * Gift Certificates Available

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