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Customer Testimonials

Wow! It feels so good to have things in order... always tried to do it, but she really helped me get systems that work. Thank you Christy!

Pam U.

With 5 kids virtual learning and a lot of pets, my house had gotten out of control.


Christy came in and completely overhauled my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and one of the kid's rooms.

The girl's room was filled with stuff and you could barely even walk to their beds. I had major anxiety about asking the girls to get rid of things because we have battled it out in the past over old used journals and broken toys. Christy made the process so easy! She got them involved so they would choose what to keep in a healthy way.

Not only is our house less cluttered, but it is way more functional! Everything has a home close to where we use it, and it is all accessible. Best money I have ever spent on my house. Do yourself a favor and hire her! You won't regret it!

Kayla S.

I had no idea where to start or what to do.  I was embarrassed to bring in anyone to help. 


Christy came in and made me feel at ease and like part of the solution.  

I could have never done this on my own.  It is amazing.

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