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Ready to get your house back?

Looking for tips and tricks on how to maintain an organized home for good? Look no farther. 

  • Start with an expert. Certified organizers, such as myself, have the skills and knowledge necessary to create a personalized system that will work for you and your home. Rather than wasting your time, effort and money on systems that just don't work for you,  with trial and error to find the best organization strategy on your own, give me a call, or send me an email.  I will save you lots of time, effort, money and stress by analyzing your needs. 

  • It is cheaper than you think.  Most of us don't have a ton of disposable income.  Would we all love to have our spaces redesigned by a contractor so everything is custom built for our things.  Absolutely!  Are most of us going to have the chance to do this?  Probably not.  Let me help you show you how to utilized your space with purpose.  A system that works.  A way to live that feels like it was built just for you.  Because we will make it function for how you live, and we can make it feel like this was the way it should have always been.

  • Once you have everything where is should be, how do you maintain it?  It will take some effort.  Retraining yourself and your family to put things where they go may be a bit of an adjustment.  But when we organize to your and your family's needs, it will be an easy adjustment.  Why?  Because we will organize to your specific needs.

  • When everything has a place, it makes it easier to put it where it goes.  There are two main reasons clutter takes over.  1.  It is too difficult to put away quickly.  2.  You don't know where to put it.  I will help you find a home for your things, that makes it easy to put away.

  • Decluttering.  I know, this is the tough one.  I promise, you don't have to get rid of everything and become a minimalist.  Unless that is your goal.  But most of us like our stuff and want at least some of it to stick around.  I promise, I would never try to force you to get rid of things that you truly wish to keep.  However, as we go through things, I will encourage you to decide what things are important for you to keep, and which things you no longer need.  You, however, will always make the final decision.

  • You have choices.  Want to be by my side the whole time and work on your project together?  Awesome.  I am happy to work side by side.  What nothing to do with the process?  I can do that as well.  It is up to you.  However, while decluttering, it is helpful if you or someone you trust can be around for questions.  Do you usually use all five of these mixers?  Do you love all 10 pair of these snow boots?  Is 50 pair of jeans the right number for your closet?  These are things I need your help with while getting started.

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